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The Blossoming of Business Relationship Management

To my ITML Institute friends and brethren, this post spotlights the global blossoming of business relationship management for your situational awareness, particularly IT managers and leaders. In November 2013, I discovered a new organization focused on optimizing and realizing the value of investments in new business capability seamlessly integrating its ingredients across the cycle of innovation through acquisition and value harvesting or (continuous) value management for short. More than a process, value management is a discipline, firmly entrenched in culture, resulting in highly prized organizational efficiency, agility, resilience, and sustainability. The label that the organization chose for the capability that orchestrates and navigates this cycle is business relationship management. It most visibly manifests in an organizational role the business relationship manager (BRM), but the prize is less visible, often obscured, offering the potential of building a resilient organization that is needed more than ever before in the face of tumultuous, technology driven change. The secret lies in building, sustaining, and ever expanding collaborative relationship across the value creation system, continuously plying the value management cycle. The organization? It's the Business Relationship Management Institute, founded in February 2013. Its time has come to blossom for the benefit of the global community. And there is much synergy with the noble mission of the ITML Institute. IT managers and leaders help shape BRM effectiveness, and BRMs, in turn, return the favor. It is a TEAM, a united effort. We so often fall into the four walls of silos. We have to rise above and see systemically, [...]

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Lessons Learned in Establishing a Project Management Office

When working with a recent client to establish a PMO for their IT shop, there were some clear insights that helped it become successful. In the course of establishing other PMO's, I have found that the lessons hold up and that if you are aiming to be successful out of the gate, you violate these at your own risk. Make sure you have a sponsor A senior executive in the organization has got to sponsor this and be willing to stay with it. You need commitment for the long haul. Organizational change which is effectively what this is takes time and you need an evangelist and supporter. (You yourself might be that person or it could be a department manager or PM Director that drives this effort.) Engage Stakeholders The standard joke in real estate is location, location, location. In project management it's stakeholder, stakeholder, stakeholder. Make sure your stakeholders (the PM's using it and the customers they're serving) have input into this and understand what it does and, just as importantly, does not do. Establish a core team. Ideally that should be the person driving the project, a senior person such as Director who wants the PMO and a senior PM or two. Collectively they will know where the bodies are buried. Decide on a Structure I'll here use the three PMI types: Supportive, Controlling and Directive. Suffice it to say that the PMO can be anything from a repository to an organization that actually runs projects. Develop a PMO Charter You [...]

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