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The Truth About Moments of Truth

Google Moments of Truth and see what you get. A number of interpretations. Many are solid, some not so much, and all that I've read are variations of the original concept. The fate of many great concepts is that they become diluted in practice. They lose their original meaning and power. What is the truth about Moments of Truth? They are central to shaping a positive customer experience. Moreover, they are central to any human to human interaction, be they internal or external to an organization. Richard Nomann was the originator of the concept of Moments of Truth and the virtuous cycle of positive customer experience. Quoting from his seminal book Service Management: Strategy and Leadership in Service Business, he states: 'an assessment of customer experience starts with the moment of truth, at the customer - provider interface, where quality as perceived by the customer is created' and the customer feels 'uplifted by the interaction in some way.' He doesn't elaborate on how this is achieved other than to say that the customer feels 'uplifted'. That their need is satisfied and it is a positive emotional experience for them. And when this interaction is person-to-person, as customers feel 'up-lifted', provider personnel do as well, forming 'a mutually reinforcing system, or virtual circle.' Although Normann focuses on human, person-to-person interaction, the same dynamic occurs with any type of customer-provider interaction and today these interactions are increasingly becoming digitally based. These virtual circles swirl around positive, uplifting emotions that energize an environment, be they customer [...]

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