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Making the Transition from Waterfall to Agile in Projects

Making the Transition from Waterfall to Agile in Projects I'm currently working with a Cambridge, MA-based software company, implementing a Project Management Office (PMO) for the Chief Technical Systems Officer. Among the many challenges is getting our arms around and prioritizing the many (100+) ongoing initiatives and establishing better cross-functional communication. (Too many silos.) But one of the biggest challenges is in making the transition from waterfall-based project management to Agile. Everyone throws those terms around but let's take a second to define them. Waterfall is a name used for the classic project management methodology that plans extensively and then executes to that plan. Changes can and will be made during the life of the project but waterfall is plan-oriented, not change oriented. (It's called waterfall because phases roll forward and down as in a waterfall.) Agile, however, while hardly averse to planning, operates in shorter bursts called iterations or sprints. Sprint duration is anywhere from two to four weeks which allows not only for quicker results but also allows for - and even encourages frequent change. (As well as a tighter connection between doers and business.) Now, despite the greater adoption of Agile methodologies worldwide and its recent embrace by the Project Management Institute not all companies are 'going Agile.' In fact, in a 2017 survey by Changepoint, very few organizations are going pure Agile or even adopting it at all. In fact, 'one third of organizations manage fewer than a quarter of their projects with pure Agile, and 20 percent of [...]

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