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Survey on Office Influence

I'm in the process of writing a new book titled: "Office Influence: Get What You Want, From the Mailroom to the Boardroom" ™ To this end, I'm trying to understand how influence is achieved within the workplace via the below survey. As a thank for completing the survey, when the book is published in the spring, I'll give you a free copy of the book and access to various online tools related to the book's content! The survey asks your opinion on how important various personal and professional attributes are to influencing others within the workplace. It also asks a small amount of optional demographic data to assist in the research. Please click here to take our survey on office influence!

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15 Ways to Maximize Your Office Influence

Enhancing your workplace influence has many professional advantages. It helps you gain approval for your business initiatives, acquire needed resources, survive organizational realignments, and position you for short-term promotions and long-term professional success. Please click here to take our survey on office influence! Here are 15 techniques that are easy to describe, but very difficult to implement, that will help you maximize your person workplace power and influence. You can't do them all at once. My suggestion to you is to pick the one that most resonates with you personally and work to achieve it. Then, once you have internalized it as part of your professional repertoire, go back to this list a select other items, one at a time, with the goal of continually adding arrows to your professional influence quiver. 1. Provide Execution Excellence Job #1 in any business role is to be a top performer in regard to your: Quality of work Level of effort Enthusiasm for the organization These attributes will simultaneously enhance your job performance and increase you workplace influence. 2. Be Proactive Being reactive is performing tasks upon request. While this is of great importance, it's not enough. Being proactive is: * Showing initiative * Seeking client opinions on how service quality can be enhanced * Discovering new services that need to be implementation * Discontinuing services that are no longer needed * Providing technical thought leadership These proactive type activities position you as an internal agent of change, an asset to the organization and force to be [...]

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