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14 Influence Techniques that Drive Organizational Change

Every interpersonal endeavor includes an aspect of influence. In negotiation, you’re influencing someone to move closer to your point of view. In conflict resolution, you’re influencing two people or organizations to solve their issues and get along. In organizational change, the topic of this blog post, you’re influencing a person or organization to do something in a different way. This blog combines influence-based and change-based concepts into a single activity. It begins by giving a high-level overview of our ERICA Change Management Framework, then provides examples of how each framework components can be assisted via the use of influence-based techniques and concepts. When reading this blog, please consider it from two perspectives, first, as this blog suggests, on how you can use influence-based concepts to enhance your organizational change activities, second, how you can use these 15 influence techniques in other ways to your professional advantage. Figure #1 displays the five components of the ERICA organizational change framework. E: Environment: Organizational change is framed within its “Environment”, the reasons and circumstances for the change R: Resources: The people, funding, organizational support and other company assets that are available to help facilitate the change. I: Individuals: The people who being asked to change their job roles, skills, tasks or other personally felt items C: Culture: The culture or micro-cultures of the organization in which the change will occur A: Actions: The change management plan, execution of the plan and measurement of expected and unexpected result With the ERICA framework explained, let’s discuss how ERICA’s [...]

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