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CULTURE | Tapping Its Potential

“Once a superior service delivery system and an appropriate service concept have been created, no other component is more crucial to the long term efficiency of the service organization than its culture and philosophy." – Richard Normann Revisiting the wise and visionary words of Richard Normann that he wrote in his classic book Service Management: Strategy and Leadership in Service Business. Richard was my teacher (from his books) as I started to understand the human dimension of People at work. That invisible dimension coloring how we interact together to accomplish the mission of the organization. What inspires us, what engages us, what binds us together. We tend to get caught up exclusively focusing on the service product and its delivery systems and we forget about the powerful binding force of culture. A force that informs our behaviors and actions. It is emotionally based. The emotional side of the work we do. We've been conditioned to eschew emotion at work. The focus is virtually on the rational side of business. Traditional (and still dominant) efforts to shape culture via value statements are just that, statements (slogans) that have a poor track record of influencing the operating fabric of an organization, where work and human interaction takes place. It’s needed more than ever before as it is the (largely untapped) source of organizational agility, speed, resilience, and productivity. Yes, productivity of People at work, individually and collectively, as it drives human engagement, satisfaction (happiness), trust, and frictionless collaboration. Think about your current situation. What is the level of [...]

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