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The Contributor Network is a collection of blogs written by experienced professionals willing to share their knowledge, experience and advice with our community.
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List of Network Contributors

Dmitri Artamonov
Robots are Supreme: Working on automating the enterprise

Machine learning and artificial intelligence thoughts, impact stories from the field and guidance on implementation.

Eric Bloom
Managing IT Technology Trends

This column discusses the management and leadership side of implementing leading each IT technologies and trends.

Jim Stewart
Lessons Learned from the PMO

Project Management office (PMO) and project management insights, stories, best practices and lessons learned

Joe Friedrichsen
I Geek Technology

Technology evolves as should your passion about learning and applying those technologies to help solve complex problems. But technology is nothing without people and processes. Follow these articles to hear more from this self describe geek who focuses on people and process to enhance technology.

Steve Lishansky
The CIO and IT as Organizational Leaders

Successful CIO's and their teams should be significant leaders of their organization. Their ability to deliver impact and value to their clients, effectively lead change, provide innovative solutions, and allocate their resources for maximum impact is at the heart of being the leader your company needs

Steve Plante
Transforming IT Culture

Vibrant, collaborative culture transcending business and IT is needed more than ever to address the digital transformation challenge. Beyond methodology, process, tools, and techniques, it holds the secret to success in the face of accelerating change.