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Certification Exam Process

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 ITMLEtm Description

IT executives must be more than just technical. They must have well developed people-skills, a broad business view, solid business acumen, superior communication, strong management capabilities, and exceptional leadership capacity. The IT Management and Leadership Executive (ITMLE) certification is designed to help current and would-be IT senior managers meet these business challenges.
The ITMLE is a rigorous, down-to-earth, and practical certification program that provides a well-balanced foundation needed to bring superior competitive IT advantage to their company.
Developed by an experienced CIO, and then vetted by a board of senior industry executives, the ITMLE certifies that those who successfully complete the Final Exam bring credible and validated industry knowledge to the organizations they serve appropriate to a senior-level IT executive.
Bench Strength and IT Resiliency Negotiation Skills
   - Building Your Bench
   - Formal and Informal Training
   - Mentoring Your Team
   - Negotiation styles
   - Negotiation preparations
   - Negotiating Strategies
   - Dealing with difficult tactics
Fostering IT Innovation Great Internal Client Service
   - Thoughts on IT Innovation
   - Enablers and drivers of IT Innovation
   - Innovation facilitation tools
   - Innovation opportunities for IT
   - Internal Client Service Concepts
   - User Experience
   - Managing Client Satisfaction
   - Managing Client Expectations
IT as an Agent of Change Strategic Planning and Thinking
   - Initial Thoughts and Vocabulary
   - Formal Change Methodologies
   - Changing IT
   - Changing the Company
   - Initial Thoughts and Vocabulary
   - Organizational Thinking
   - Strategic Thinking Process
   - Strategic Planning Process
Organizational Productivity IT Governance
   - Key Productivity Concepts
   - Productivity Enablers
   - Productity Process and Maturity Model
   - Creating a Productivity Culture
   - Definitions and Benefits
   - Key Governance Questions
   - Domains
   - IT Governance Best Practice
IT Megatrends Thinking Like a CIO
   - Mobile and Cloud Management
   - Big Data, Interntet of Things, 3D Printer
   - Data Analytics and Visualization
   - Digital Transformation
   - Other Key IT Trends
   - Knowledge Gathered
   - Insights Gained
   - Changes in Perspective
   - Actionable Items

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