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Class Description


Life as a Technical Manager (one day)

The ability to motivate, communicate, stimulate and gain the support of your staff and business partners is essential to a technical manager's effectiveness. To that end, this class covers the information needed by new and would-be technical managers to help assure their success.

Class Topics include:
  • Personal Growth
    • Moving from technician to technical manager
    • Leading the work versus doing the work
  • Delegation
    • Delegation and relying on your team's ability
    • Developing confidence in your team
  • Motivating and Managing Techies
    • Expanding skill sets and providing mental stimulation, recognition of work
    • Dealing with contradictory IT goals
  • Managing users
    • Understanding business priorities, reporting and transparency
  • Managing Process
    • Process, hardware and software standards
    • Technical audits, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Managing Projects
    • Project resources vs. maintenance resources
    • Project prioritization and managing project portfolios
  • Making Technical Management Decisions
    • Truisms in the workplace, Making good decisions,
    • Minimize your downside risk of bad decisions
  • Staffing and Implementing new technologies (Mobility, cloud, big data, social, etc.)
    • Deciding what technologies to implement
    • Introducing new technologies and their positive and negative implication
  • Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
    • Stereotypical Views of Technology
    • Digital Native and Immigrant Divide
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • What it is and it's use as an IT Manager
Key Take-Aways:
  • A detailed understanding of the IT manager role
  • Insights into delegation, effective IT processes, and working with business partners
  • Insights into staffing and implementing new technologies

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