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Class Description


Maximizing IT Staff Productivity (one day)

A 'Knowledge Worker' is best described as a person who works more with his/her mind than with his/her hands, uses trained judgment and creativity as part of his/her job, and uses professional expertise and acquired knowledge to perform needed tasks. This, in fact, is virtually everyone in IT.

This class provides unique insights, strategies, and techniques specifically designed to lead, manage, and grow the knowledge workers within IT organizations in all types of IT oriented professions.

Class Topics include:
  • Having the Right Questions, Not All the Answers
  • Making Decisions Using the Knowledge of Others
  • Measuring Output and Outcome, not Process
  • Ideal Knowledge Worker Environment
  • Goal Setting
  • Hiring
  • Expectation Setting
  • On-boarding Techniques
  • Giving praise
  • Facilitating employee growth
  • Employee challenges
  • Management Time vs. Knowledge Worker Time
  • Zone-Based Staff Prioritization
  • Multi-Tasking vs. Single-Tasking
  • The Three Parts of Every Job
  • Macro vs. Micro Management
  • Knowledge Worker Marketability Issues
  • Coaching and Mentoring without Topical Knowledge
Key Take-Aways:
  • Techniques to effectively manage, motivate, and lead knowledge workers
  • Time management, productivity, and prioritization tools and techniques
  • Philosophies for hiring, delegation, goal setting, and process measurement

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