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Class Description


The Steve Jobs Way: Leadership and Innovation You Can Use (one day)

Love him or hate him, you must admit that Steve Jobs was a challenging and brilliant leader and an innovative genius. So what can you learn from the strengths and weaknesses of a computer industry trailblazer? The answer is an enormous amount!

This class, developed hand-in-hand with former Apple SVP and Jobs' advisor Jay Elliot, highlights and describes Steve Jobs' business principles, philosophies, and techniques in ways that you can adapt and apply them to your workplace in order to grow professionally and, in the words of Steve Jobs, 'put a ding in the universe', your ding in the universe!

The topics discussed in this class are valuable to people of all professions and organizational levels. Some of Jobs' techniques were used to create this class, so we can demonstrate to you how to actually use these principles to your advantage in any business endeavor.

Class Topics include:
  • The Myth and the Man
  • General Thoughts on Leadership
  • Jobs' Leadership Style
  • Jobs' Organization and Team Building Style
  • Intensity and Focus
  • General Innovation Terminology and Concepts
  • Jobs' Thoughts on Innovation
  • Examples of Innovation
  • General Thoughts on Product Design
  • Jobs' Product Passion and Design
Key Take-Aways:
  • Knowledge of various innovative and effective leadership concepts
  • Innovation techniques usable in almost any professional endeavor
  • Ways to create an culture of innovation
  • Value of professional intensity and focus
  • An understanding that sometimes more is less and less is more
  • Concepts of product design usable in the creation of almost product or service
  • Team building techniques that enhance quality, productivity, and effectiveness

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