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Class Description


Leadership through Influence (one day)

The ability to influence others is key to the success of IT professional from the CIO to newest college intern. CIOs must work at equal footing with other C-suite executives, Project Managers must motivate and direct their dotted line resources, and individual contributors must often influence others to get the resources and information they need to complete their tasks.

This class is ideal for Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Testers, Technical Leads and all others required to give direction and/or influence others without the specific organizational authority to do so.

Class Topics include:
  • Initial Thoughts and Vocabulary
  • Maximizing Your Personal Power
  • Key Leadership Processes
  • Influencing Other Corporate Players
  • Barriers to Influence
  • Formal Methodologies
  • Influencing Styles
  • Influential Communication
  • Question Types
  • Question Usages/Purposes
  • Body Language
Key Take-Aways:
  • Enhance your ability to influence those outside your organization
  • Ways Technical Leads and Project Managers can better manage their dotted-line resources

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