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Class Description


Cloud Computing Management (one day)

Cloud computing has been a huge topic within the Information Technology (IT) community.

This class discusses what cloud computing is, how it affects IT organizations and how it can be employed to maximize user satisfaction and IT effectiveness & minimize expenses.

It goes on to discuss cloud computing pros and cons from an IT perspective, implications for IT management, the potential to magnify IT resources, possible morale issues, and dealing with high user expectations, capital expenditures, data security and other important issues. Lastly, in additional to highlighting data security concerns, it also discusses various IT issues that are often overlooked making the decision to move toward a cloud computing strategy. These issues include production/operation issues, potential fracturing of the corporate data models, vendor selection and ongoing vendor oversight.

Class Topics include:
  • Description of Cloud Computing
  • Major Vendors and Players
  • Cloud Computing and Disadvantages
  • Financial Considerations and Usage
  • Security considerations
  • Operational Considerations
  • Data Management Considerations
  • Vendor Considerations
  • Vendor Oversight
Key Take-Aways:
  • Knowledge of key cloud computing terms and vendors
  • Implications of cloud computing from an IT management perspective
  • Financial and cost center ramifications of cloud computing
  • Enhanced IT leadership perspectives of cloud advantages and disadvantages
  • The effect that a cloud computing strategy has on your existing IT corporate data model
  • Insights into various operational, security, and vendor issues related to moving toward a cloud computing strategy

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