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Class Description


New IT Manager Processes (one day)

Becoming a successful IT Manager requires that you learn to manage people, management process, and the business of IT.

This class concentrates on management process. These processes include IT funding, cost center management, workforce planning, salary planning, hiring new employees and giving performance reviews.

Class Topics include:
  • IT Funding and Allocations
    • Cost allocations, charge-backs, and project based funding
    • Cost-center based, charge-back based, and profit-center based funding
  • Budgeting
    • Importance of budgeting properly
    • Budget process and components
    • Your IT budget and things that effect it
  • Workforce and Salary Planning
    • Vocabulary and concepts
    • Project/Production workforce considerations
    • Salaries and Career Tracks
    • Salary planning concepts and mathematics
  • Hiring
    • Overview and process steps
    • Issues when hiring techies
    • Techniques to help hire the best candidate
    • Hiring contractors
  • Writing and Giving Performance Reviews
    • The importance of giving quality performance reviews
    • Preparing and giving a review
    • The performance review cycle
    • Technical specific review topics
Key Take-Aways:
  • Knowledge of IT funding and cost allocation methods
  • Techniques to design, build, and monitor your budget
  • Insights into salary planning concepts and mathematics
  • Understanding of IT job families, career tracks, and staff promotional options
  • Time-tested techniques and practices used to hire the best employees
  • Techniques for preparing high quality employee performance reviews

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