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Class Description

Building Your Professional Brand

Whether you are looking for a job, pushing for a promotion, trying to start your own company, or looking for a date to your sister's wedding, building your personal/professional brand can be of great help. This webinar can help you with the three professional goals previously listed. Regarding your sister's wedding, you're on your own.

Based on Manager Mechanics President, Eric Bloom's weekly 'Your IT Career' column/blog in , the first aspect of your professional brand is your reputation in the workplace. The second aspect of your professional brand is your credentials, skills, experiences, etc.

This class discusses both types of professional branding, now to build them, and how to use them to your advantage.

Class Topics include:
  • Learn about branding
    • Your brand is . . .
    • Your brand is NOT . . .
    • The Conflict Spiral
  • Formulate your strategy
    • Define your career direction
    • Define needed credentials
    • Define your soft skills training needs
    • Define your future marketability
    • Analyze your next promotion
    • Formulate your plan
  • Build your brand
  • Market yourself

Key Take-A-Ways:
  • Insights on how to accelerate the professional growth of you and your team
  • Knowledge on how you and your team can expend your professional reputation within both your company and your industry

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