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Class Description

Making The IT Management Move

This class is designed to help prepare technical individual contributors for future Information Technology (IT) management roles by providing these future leaders with actionable steps, IT management concepts, and mental insights needed to successfully move their careers forward and deliver maximum effectiveness to the organization.

Class Topics include:
  • Personal Growththe
    • Making sure you want to be a manager
    • Defining your management style
    • Learning from other managers and mentors
    • Leadership versus management
  • Expanding your IT knowledge
    • How to think like a CIO
    • Move from being a mile deep to a mile wide
    • Learn about . . . much more
  • Expanding your business knowledge
    • How to learn more about your user's/client's profession
    • Learning company processes
    • Learning more about your company and industry
  • Expanding your educational and IT credentials
    • Understanding your future job description
    • Professional certifications, formal education, and internal classes
  • Practicing a leadership role
    • Volunteer for cross-department committees
    • Provide leadership on small projects and through volunteerism
    • Learn to delegate
  • Marketing Yourself
    • Within your department, company and industry
Key Take-A-Ways:
  • Specific steps needed position yourself for future management roles
  • Advice on how to successfully make the transition from individual contributor to Technical Lead and/or IT Manager

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