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Class Description

Difficult Conversations (one day)

No one likes difficult conversations, that's why they are called difficult. But, with the right training, practice, preparation and follow-up, they can reduce office tension, increase employee performance, enhance individual and departmental productivity, help meet project deadlines and even dramatically enhance the career of those involved in the discussion.

This class discusses how to understand and avoid conflict, conversational tips and techniques, how to properly prepare for difficult conversation and the ALERT process to maximize conversational effectiveness.

Class Topics include:
  • Understanding and Avoiding Conflict
    • Typology of Conflict
    • Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict
    • Conflict Spiral, A.K.A Conflict Escalation
    • ERIC, VASE and Special Question Types
  • Conversational Tips and Techniques
    • General Ground Rules
    • Constructive Feedback
    • Question Restatement
    • Addressing Employee Responses
    • Action / Reaction(s)
    • Ways to Say 'No'
    • Use and Observation of Body Language
    • Value of Storytelling
  • Discussion Preparation
    • Defining Your Goals, Risks and Results
    • Time, Location and Venue
    • Orchestrating the Listening Framework
  • The ALERT Conversation Process Overview
Key Take-Aways:
  • Insights into the causes of conflict and how to avoid it
  • Tips and techniques to enhance converesations flow
  • How the ALERT Conversational Process can be used to maximize your impact and results

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