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Class Description

Presentation Skills (one and two day formats available)

Presentation skills of great value to IT professionals, managers and executives at all organizational levels. By their nature, presentations are given you are trying to influence, impress, receive agreement and/or motivate. As a result, the ability to present well in front of others is not the goal, it's a tool to meet your business and professional objectives.

This class, which is customizable to your business needs, was designed by the past president of National Speakers Association New England and is designed to enhance your business presentation skills, including your preparation, materials (PowerPoint slides, etc.) giving the actual presentation and controlling the room during the process.

Class Topics Included Based on Class Length:
  • Lots of practice giving presentations, included videoed critique
  • Presentation Preparation
    • Who is in the Audience
    • What Your Audience Wants
    • Your Goals from the Presentation
    • What You Want Them to Do
    • Situational Understanding
    • Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
    PowerPoint Presentation Design
    • Fonts
    • Graphics
    • Text
    • Automation
    • Environmental Considerations
    • Picking a Template
    Building the Presentation
    • High Level Presentation Structure
    • Introduction Slide
    • Body Types
    • Conclusion / Call to Action
    • Back Slide Strategies
    Giving Virtual Presentations
    • If New to Virtual Presentations
    • Things Going Against You
    • Ideas to Help Things Run Smoothly
    • Maximize Your Personal Energy
    Presentation Delivery
    • Practice, Practice, Practice
    • Just Before Your Presentation
    • When Entering the Room
    • Watching Your Audience
    • Watching Yourself
    • Engaging Your Audience
    • Types of Challenging Situations
    • Questions and Answers
    • Gadgets: Effective-Presenter Collection
    • Gadgets: Contingency Collection
Key Take-Aways:
  • How to properly prepare a buisness presentation
  • Insights into your how to improve your presenation style and delivery
  • Best practives in PowerPoint design, structure and format

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