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Class Description

Strategic Thinking in IT

Strategic Thinking within IT is the mental process, applied by an individual or by IT as a whole that considers ways to enhance the value of IT to the organization it serves.

The class outlines strategic thinking from a number of different conceptual perspectives, but always with an eye to how it can be used to enhance the mission and value of IT and/or the careers of the professionals within it.

Class Topics Included Based on Class Length:
  • Initial Thoughts and Vocabulary
    • Lateral thinking vs. programmed thinking
    • The inspiration paradox
  • Organizational Thinking
    • Planning and positioning
    • Organizational learning
    • Constructive transformation
  • Critical Success Factors
    • Vision effectiveness
    • Prioritization
    • Your comfort zone
    • Results vs. methods
    • Forward thinking
  • Formal Methodologies
    • Liedtka Model of Elements of Strategic Thinking
    • A-B-C-D-E Systems Mode
  • A six-step process outlining the strategic and creative thinking process
Key Take-Aways:
  • Conceptual understanding of the strategic thinking process
  • Critical Success factors of the strategic thinking process
  • Insights in various formal strategic thinking methodologies

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