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Class Description

Dealing with Difficult Techies

Managing difficult employees isn't easy. It wastes time, takes lots of energy, tends to cause problems and usually creates mounds of paperwork. In IT it can be especially challenging.

The good news is that if you handle the situation correctly, you may be able to dramatically improve attitude, work quality, and general performance. On the other hand, if the person doesn't or can't improve, you may eventually have to remove them (with the help of HR of course).

This class is designed to help IT managers deal effectively with difficult staff members by first categorizing their problem type and then acting to correct the situation. This class can easily be customized to fit your company HR policies.

Class Topics Included Based on Class Length:
  • Seven types of difficult employees
    • Key Concept
    • Poor Ethics
    • Sullen
    • Unmotivated
    • Know-It-All
    • Tardy
    • Unproductive
    • Troubled
  • Types of difficult techies
    • Technical Ability Issues
    • Project Issues
    • People Issues
    • Personality Trait Issues
  • Difficult Employee Conversations
    • General Rules
    • Constructive Feedback
    • Question Restatement
    • Addressing Employee Responses
    • Action / Reaction(s)
  • Conceptual discipline framework
    • Outlines an overall framework containing six levels of increasing disciplinary action
    • Describes steps in the framework
    • Steps begin with friendly constructive criticism and if needed, end in termination
  • Dealing with specific situations
Key Take-Aways:
  • Knowledge to manage various common types of employee issues
  • Understanding how to strategically deal with unexpected issues and actions
  • The effect that employee issues can have on team morale and your career

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