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Class Description


Fostering IT Innovation and Creative Thinking (one day)

Innovation in IT is the successful creation, implementation, enhancement and/or improvement of a technical process, business process, software product, hardware product, or cultural factor that reduces costs, enhances productivity, increases company competitiveness, or provides other business value. Creative thinking within IT is the mental process, applied by an individual or by IT as a whole that considers ways to enhance the value of IT to the organization it serves.

This class is designed to provide IT leaders with the information, insights, and tools needed to foster innovation and enhance creative thinking within their IT organization.

Class Topics include:
  • Thoughts on Innovation and Creativity
    • What is IT innovation?
    • IT innovation types and outcomes
    • Lateral thinking vs. programmed thinking
    • The inspiration paradox
    • Critical Success Factors
  • Enablers of IT Innovation
    • Business goals and objectives
    • Proactive collaboration between IT and business
  • Drivers of IT Innovation
    • Constrained resources, competition, survival, greed, etc.
  • Innovation facilitation tools
    • Six step strategic and creative thinking process
    • Brainstorming, Five Whys, etc.
  • Organizational Thinking
    • Planning and positioning
    • Organizational learning
    • Constructive transformation
  • Innovation opportunities for IT
    • Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, Social Media, Internet of Things, etc.
  • Formal Methodologies
    • Liedtka Model of Elements, Bloom's Model, A-B-C-D-E, etc.
Key Take-Aways:
  • An understanding of successful innovation within an IT context
  • Insights into the advantages, drivers, uses, and pitfalls of innovation within IT
  • Specific ways to create an culture of innovation within your IT organization
  • Conceptual understanding of the creative thinking process

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