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Class Description


New IT Manager Essentials (one day)

This class discusses the core set of personal traits, skills, and knowledge needed to be a great manager including communication skills, interpersonal skills, working with other managers, managing your former peers, dress code, supporting company policies and navigating office politics.

Class Topics include:
  • Welcome to management
    • What does having kids have to do with it?
    • Importance of good judgment and interpersonal skills
    • Types of respect
  • Management realities
    • Congratulations-- now you get to manage your friends
    • Managers live in fish tanks
    • Email-the do's and don'ts
    • Other managers are now your peers
  • Communication is king
    • Communicating to upper management, your peers and your staff
    • Working with Corporate Finance & Human Resources
  • User Politics
    • Dotted line resources and managers
    • Saying 'no' to scope creep
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) issues
  • Running Staff Meetings
    • Tips on Running a Successful Staff Meeting
    • Ways to Spice Up Your Staff Meetings
  • Running Virtual Meetings
    • Things going against you
    • Techniques to help them run smoothly
  • Status Reporting
    • Tips, tricks and techniques
  • Manager Ethics
    • Importance of doing the right thing
    • Do's and Don'ts as a manager
    • Ethics as an IT professional (pirated software, sensitive data, etc.)
Key Take-Aways:
  • Understanding important first line manager concepts, pitfalls, challenges
  • Awareness of communication responsibilities and techniques
  • Insights into manager level politics and important alliances

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