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Class Description


Problem Solving and Decision Making (one day)

This class discusses the decision making process and many of the challenges IT leaders face in making timely decisions. It covers the impacts of the human element on decision making, decision constraints, stakeholders, challenges in problem definition, and other related topics.

It also includes various structured problem solving tools and exercises such as root cause analysis, brainstorming, and nominal group technique.

Class Topics include:
  • Thoughts on decision making
    • The Hidden Choice
    • Why make decisions
    • Why people don't make decisions
    • Ways to make a decision
    • Decisions solve problems
    • Decision making vs. Problem solving
  • Problem definition
    • Realizing a decision must be made
    • Defining the problem
    • Defining desired end state
    • Defining stakeholders
  • Problem solving process
    1. Problem definition
    2. Decision to act on problem
    3. Define problem solving scope
    4. Finding root cause
    5. Prioritizing root cause correction
    6. Defining potential solutions
    7. Select a solution
Key Take-Aways:
  • Conceptual insights into problem solving and decision making processes
  • Problem solving and final state definition techniques
  • Knowledge of root cause analysis techniques
  • Working knowledge of various prioritization, selection, and brainstorming techniques

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