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IT Leadership Development Program
Enhanced Management Bench Strength by Just-In-Time Training by Organizational Level

The professional journey from individual contributor to successful IT Director requires continual incremental personal and professional growth in managing people, leading the management process, and understanding the business of IT.
As a standalone program or as an addition to your existing management training program, this is a customizable, multi-level, IT leadership development program. Specifically designed to address the unique challenges faciing IT leaders, it facilitates the required professional growth needed to maximize your organization's IT management bench strength.
At its best, IT management training is a journey, not an event. It is a process delivered using multiple methods (classroom, virtually, eLearning), at the right moments and in the appropriate ways as individual skills, promotional opportunities, and organizational changes require.

Key IT Leadership Classes
Provided as a Supplement to Your Existing Curriculum

Managing People Management Process Business of IT
Individual Contributors
and Future IT Leaders
- Conflict Resolution
- Leading without Authority
- Making The IT Management Move - Collaborative Consulting Skills for IT
IT Tech Leads and
IT Supervisors
- Manager Ethics for IT
- Techie and User Leadership
- New IT Manager Essentials
- Great Internal IT Client Service
- Life as a Technical Manager
- Giving IT Performance Reviews
- Thinking Like a CIO
- Methodology and Process Overview
IT Managers - The IT Hiring Process
- Dealing with Difficult Techies
- Managing Virtual IT Teams
- Workforce and Salary Planning
- Managing Knowledge Workers
- IT Funding and Cost Center Management
- Meetings and Status Reporting Negotiation Skills
- Problem Solving and Decision Making
- Cloud Computing Management
- Vendor Management
IT Directors - Bench Strength and IT Resiliency
- IT Matrix Management and Organizational Swing
- Personal and Organizational Mentoring
- IT as an Agent of Change
- Strategic Thinking
- Strategic Planning
- Fostering IT Innovation
- IT Megatrends
- Data governance

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