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What Does It Take to Be a Great IT Leader?
Great IT leaders come in all professional shapes and sizes. Some grow up within the IT ranks and some moved into the IT leadership roles from other directions. All however, spent the time to learn their profession through workplace experience and life-long-learning via training classes, mentoring/coaching and/or reading books, professional journals, blog posts and other readings.
Our hope is that our library of content will help you succeed in in your professional journey.

Our blog, posted weekly, is designed to provide IT leaders of all organizational levels with management and leadership insights to help advance careers, better manage their teams, and enhance the value of the IT organizations they lead. click here.
Leadership and Management
This collection contains over two hundred management and supervisory topics. For insights on the key issues facing managers today, click here.
IT Career Advice
This collection contains insights on a wide variety of IT career and professional branding related topics. Selected topics are available for download. For insights on how to enhance your career, click here.
ITML Institute Director Eric Bloom has a proud history of authorship. For him, writing is the fuel driving the Instiute's innovation engine. Below are his four most recent books.

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