Executive Briefing: Preparing Your Organization for Digital Transformation

/Executive Briefing: Preparing Your Organization for Digital Transformation
Executive Briefing: Preparing Your Organization for Digital Transformation 2018-07-24T13:33:25+00:00

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Class Description

Executive Briefing: Preparing Your Organization for Digital Transformation (2 hours)

This executive briefing is designed specifically for senior executives, IT and otherwise. Its goal While the use of established and leading-edge technologies is, of course, paramount to DX related endeavors, soft skills such as interpersonal communication, change management, influence and others are the unsung heroes of successful DX implementations. In many cases, the technology is the easier part, expanding the skills of your team to conceive, design, build and implement it is a far greater challenge.

This briefing describes the specific leadership, communication, business, innovation and organizational skills needed to truly make your company’s digital transformation a reality!

Class Topics include:

  • Initial Concepts and Definitions
    • Digital Transformation (DX)
    • Traditional Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
    • The DX Conceptual Mind Shift
    • Four Types of IT/Business Interaction
  • Preliminary DX Skill Set Considerations
    • Organizational Culture
    • Internally Accepted Methodologies
    • Level of Internal Technology Advocacy
    • DX Initiative Type
  • DX IT Potential Participation Model
    • Implementor
    • Organizer
    • Requester
    • Leader
    • IT Soft Skills by Model Type
  • Required Expanded Skill Sets by IT Profession
    • IT Executives
    • IT Managers
    • Project Managers and Scrum Masters
    • Business Analysts and Product Owners
    • Enterprise Architects
    • CISO and Cybersecurity Specialists
    • Software Testers / QA
    • Database Administrators
    • Data Center Leadership
    • Help Desk / Client Service
    • Developing Your Action Plan


  • How to prepare your IT organization for DX involvement and leadership
  • Understanding of the different roles IT  can play in its company’s DX activities
  • Insights into the expanded IT skills by job role to maximize IT DX effectiveness

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