Injecting Humanity into the Workplace

//Injecting Humanity into the Workplace

Injecting Humanity into the Workplace

In December, 2018 the Drucker Forum centered its theme on the Human Dimension. Why? Why is the contemporary world so interested now in Humanity in the Workplace? We’re in the Digital Age, right?

The world is waking up to the fact that People matter most as we are transforming from Industrial Age thinking fueled by Everything Digital. Why?

Machines cannot innovate. Machines cannot create. Only People can. So how do you create a work environment that unleashes this potential? Inject Humanity into the Workplace, that’s How.

Injecting Humanity into the Workplace is the secret sauce to unleash exponential levels of Human Productivity at Work. Individually. And Collectively.

Easier said than done as we have to let go of management practices in the past that proved successful. We have to let go of fear-based practices that demean and threaten People at work.

This is where injecting Humanity into the Workplace needs to start – creating an environment where People feel safe to offer up ideas and solutions without experiencing any form of retribution.

And when you do that People feel a sense of achievement, a sense of importance that fuels their engagement and loyalty. This manifests in higher levels of People Productivity at work. Think about your work environment. Does it do that? I mean, really do that? Does your work environment have an open-door policy that no one walks through? Do you feel a sense of fear approaching others with your ideas?

Creating a safe environment is the foundation. Next it’s all about connections fueling collaboration directed by a sense of shared purpose. That People feel they belong to something larger than themselves. That they belong to a tribe, a community having a sense of shared identity that engages and inspires. Where People feel accepted as part of the tribe, a respected member of the community at work.

This eliminates social friction that slows down the Machine consuming time and cost. You want to be agile? You want to speed new product capability to market? Eliminate collaborative friction coupled with shared purpose. Watch People Productivity soar as collaborative friction melts away. Sounds simple, right? Think about your environment. Does it do that?

Eliminate fear. Inspire with shared purpose. Accept and respect one another. Thank People for the difference they make at work. Tell them how much they matter to you.

Inject Humanity into the Workplace.

Are you ready to do that?

Yours truly.

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