Training Class: Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations

/Training Class: Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations
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Class Description

Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations Using ALERT (one day)

Knowing how to recognize, understand and intervene effectively in conflict situations is a critical career-enhancing skill. This may be through conflict resolution techniques, structured difficult conversations , or a combination of the two.

This class discusses how to understand, avoid and resolve conflict, as well as conversational tips and techniques, how to properly prepare for difficult conversation using the ALERT process to maximize conversational effectiveness.

Class Topics include:

  • Initial Thoughts and Vocabulary
    • The typology of conflict
    • Types of conflict
    • The Conflict Spiral
    • ERIC, VASE and Special Question Types
  • Conflict Strategies
    • Rationale and action
    • Collaboration vs. compromising
  • Quick Conflict Resolution Tips
    • Techniques to establish positive dialog
    • Defining a workable solution
    • Dealing with and defusing high emotions
  • The Conflict Resolution Process
    • A seven step process moving from defining the issues at hand, through resolution, and ending with ways prevent future conflicts
  • Conversational Tips and Techniques
    • General Ground Rules
    • Constructive Feedback
    • Question Restatement
    • Addressing Employee Responses
    • Action / Reaction(s)
    • Ways to Say ‘No’
    • Use and Observation of Body Language
    • Value of Storytelling
  • Discussion Preparation
    • Defining Your Goals, Risks and Results
    • Time, Location and Venue
    • Orchestrating the Listening Framework
    • 5 Step ALERT Conversation Process Overview

Key Take-Aways:

  • Understanding of conflict sources, dynamics, and resolution
  • Working knowledge of key conflict resolution strategies
  • Seven step conflict resolution process
  • The ALERT Difficult Conversational Process

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