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Class Description

Effective Workplace Communication (one day)

Interpersonal communication skills within the workplace, ranging from emotional intelligence, to questioning techniques, to active listening, are key factors in professional and organizational success.

This class is specifically designed to enhance the participant’s ability to communicate with others by expanding their knowledge in communication techniques, concepts, and best practices.

Class Topics include:

  • Emotional intelligence
    • Why EQ, not EI?
    • Self Awareness and Self Management
    • Social Awareness and Relationship Management
  • Merrill & Reid Social Styles
    • Driver
    • Expressive
    • Analytical
    • Amiable
  • Question Types
    • Closed, Open and High Yield
  • Question Usages/Purposes
    • Accuracy, Clarification, Completeness, Relevance, etc.
  • Active Listening
    • Traditional Topology
    • Caring Topology
  • Listening Styles
    • Action, Informational, etc.
  • Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Communications
    • Understanding of the three basic types
  • Building Rapport
    • First impressions – The First Ten Seconds
    • Barriers to Building Rapport
    • 20 Techniques That Build Rapport
  • Problem Solving Listening Framework
    • Person, Topic, Delivery, and Setting
  • Speaking with Authority
    • 12 Tips and Techniques to Speak with Authority
  • Email Communications
    • Your Written Legacy
    • 12 Tips When Writing Emails
    • 5 Ways to Enhance Your Email Efficiency
  • Body Language
    • Using Body Language as a Communication Tool
    • Observing Others
    • When Others Observe You

Key Take-Aways:

  • An understanding Emotional Intelligence concepts
  • Working knowledge of question types and techniques
  • General communications techniques needed to maximize the value of personal and professional interactions

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