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/Training Class: Leading Organizational Change
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Class Description

Understanding and Leading Change (one day)

The rollout of new manual and automated procedures, implementation of new software, modifications in existing business processes, and new corporate initiatives of all types can cause organizational restructuring, shift corporate culture and/or redirect employee career paths and their upward trajectory.

What are the volatile elements that cause change in your business environment? What can you and others do to help facilitate meaningful change within your team and your company as a whole?

This class discusses what must be in place for change to occur. This includes various informal and formal methodologies, key concepts, tips and guidance that help facilitate these changes within both organizations and the individuals they employ.

Class Topics include:

  • Questions and Concepts
    • Internal and External Drivers of Change – IT
    • Internal and External Drivers of Change – Organizational
    • Myths About Change
    • Pettigrew & Whipp’s Typology
    • Lewin’s 3 Stage Model of Change
    • Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model
    • Necessary Conditions for Effective Change
  • Deciding to Make Change Happen
    • Key Questions When Planning For Change
    • Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • ERICA Change Framework
    • Environment
      • Reason, Vision, Urgency, Impact and Scope
    • Resources
      • Management Support, Funding, People
    • Individuals
      • Ability and willingness to change
    • Culture
      • Ability and willingness to change
    • Action
      • Plan, Execution, Measurement

Key Take-Aways:

  • An understanding of the role of IT in organizational growth and change
  • Knowledge of key industry change methodologies
  • Conceptual perspective to induce change within IT and the company in general

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