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Class Description

Managing Virtual Teams (one day)

Managing people within a single location certainly has its challenges. These challenges are magnified when your team is remote–physically dispersed across town, across the country, and/or across the world.

This class is designed to provide insights into the tactics, techniques, and processes needed to effectively manage virtual teams.

Class Topics include:

  • Virtual Team Challenges
    • Basic challenges for all virtual teams
    • Challenges Magnified by
      • Time Zone
      • Cultural Differences
      • International Context
  • Team Communication Assessment and Debrief
    • Comparing co-located and virtual team differences
  • Virtual Team Profile
    • Interdependency
    • Status
    • Composition
  • General Team Communication
    • Building Trust
    • Setting the Rules of Engagement
    • Defining Team Expectations
  • Using Virtual Technologies
    • Synchronous Communication Tools
    • Asynchronous Communication Tools
  • Virtual Meeting Tips and Best Practices
  • Cultural Intelligence and Team Building
    • Value of diversity in the workplace
    • Business ethics and practices
  • Global cultures, verbal communication, and etiquette
  • Virtual Team Building Activities
  • Home Office Productivity Factors
  • Appendix 1: Home Office Productivity Tips
  • Appendix 2: Home Office Design Tips
  • Appendix 3: Video Cam Tips and Tricks
  • Appendix 4: Virtual Body Language
  • Appendix 5: The Hofstede Center Cultural Index

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insights into the challenges and issues of managing virtual teams
  • Key methodologies, tips and techniques to maximize your virtual team’s effectiveness
  • Insights into the cultural idiosyncrasies and best practices when leading diverse teams

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