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Customizable Corporate Programs

IT Leadership and Management Program (IT-LAMP)

 A Year’s Worth of Leadership Training in One Place at One Cost

Twelve Month Program Overview

This program is ideal for IT organizations looking for a turnkey, yet customizable training program for their current and future IT managers.

IT-LAMP (Leadership and Management Program) is designed to help IT organizations enhance the business savvy, interpersonal communication and leadership skills of current and future IT leaders.

This twelve month certificate program is designed to help IT Managers, IT Supervisors and soon-to-be future leaders enhance their management craft to maximize their effectiveness today and prepare them for more senior IT leadership roles tomorrow.

New participants can join the program at any time. This is a twelve month revolving schedule. For example, people how join in month #4 will continue their membership through the first three months of the following year.

Each month listed below includes a two-hour live webinar, peer-to-peer discussion groups, selected YouTube videos, Wikipedia research topics, selected reading list, and optional one-on-one coaching.

  • Live Monthly Virtual Training Classes
  • Monthly Virtual Peer Group Meetings (optional)
  • Community Forum / Discussion Board
  • One-On-Coaching (optional)
  • Over 400 IT management an IT Career Advice Blogs
  • eBooks on Various Related Topics
  • Online Communication and Leadership Assessments
  • Status and Project Report Templates
  • Business Oriented eCards to Mail to your Staff
  • . . . and more!

Ideal for All Current ond Future IT Leaders
Individual Signup and Private Company Cohorts Welcome

The standard monthly training topics include below. These topics can be customized or replaced based on client need.

Month 1: Thinking like a CIO
Month 2: Interpersonal Communication
Month 3: IT Megatrends and Their Management Consequences
Month 4: Data Quality and Governance
Month 5: Vendor Management
Month 6: Managing Virtual Teams
Month 7: Fostering IT Innovation
Month 8: IT Methodologies and Best Practices
Month 9: IT Organizational and Personal Productivity
Month 10: Cloud Computing Management
Month 11: Internal IT Client Service and User Satisfaction
Month 12: Multi-Generational Leadership and Knowledge Transfer

Advantages to Sponsoring Companies

  • The development of future IT supervisors, managers and executives
  • Increased IT productivity and effectiveness via enhanced leadership capabilities
  • Reduce attrition of staff, current IT managers and future IT leaders
  • Greater alignment and involvement between IT and its business community

Advantages to Participants

  • Accelerated professional growth and career opportunities
  • Enhanced current job performance
  • Greater ability to lead your staff and achieve department/project objectives
  • Expanded interpersonal communication skills
  • Greater understanding of leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, etc.

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