Training Class: Managing Teams in a Virtual Workplace

/Training Class: Managing Teams in a Virtual Workplace
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Class Description

Managing Teams in a Virtual Workplace

This Managing Teams in a Virtual Workplace course is designed to provide students with insights into the tactics, techniques, and processes needed to effectively manage a virtual team.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Managing Teams in a Virtual Workplace course, students will be able to:

  • Effectively lead virtual meetings
  • Communicate virtually with their team, peers and management
  • Maximize team members productivity and motivation
  • Maximize virtual task assignment and measurement
  • Perform needed talent management activities


  • Two hours

Class Topics include:

  • Managing people virtually is like regular management best practices on steroids
  • Virtual Team Composition
  • Home Worker Need for Conceptual Connectivity
  • Virtual Team Challenges
    • For All Virtual Teams
    • For Virtual Project Teams
  • Task Type Needs
    • The Concept
    • Processing – Low Interaction Low Difficulty
    • Knowledge Work – Low Interaction High Difficulty
    • Informational- High Interaction Low Difficulty
    • Collaboration- High Interaction High Difficulty
  • Personality Types
    • Introversion
      • Social
      • Anxious
      • Thinking
      • Restrained
      • General Advice
    • Extroversion
      • Intuitors
      • Sensors
      • Thinkers
      • Feelers
      • General Advice
    • Breakout Session: Maximize Introvert/extrovert Job Performance
  • Communication Strategies
    • Key Concept: Don’t Just Participate, Observe
    • Written, Phone, Video
    • Ways to Enhance Your Email Efficiency
    • When on the Phone
    • Video Tips and Best Practices
    • Example Communication Types
    • With Your Team
    • With Your Management, Stakeholders and Others
  • Virtual Task Assignment
    • Five Levels of Freedom to Act
    • Will/Skill Matrix
    • Step 1a: Delegation: Who
    • Step 1b: Delegation: How
    • Step 1c: Delegation: Measurement Criteria
    • Step 1d: Delegation: Communication
    • Step 2: Measurement
    • Step 3: Performance Reviews
    • Project Assignment for Employee Growth
  • Enhancing your Organizational Influence in a Virtual World
    • Use Video
    • Build an Efficient Social Network
    • Be an Information Distributor
    • Be a Communication Gateway
    • Take Virtual Logistical Control
  • Virtual Leadership Activities Worksheet
    • Your Management Style
    • Team Communication
    • Team Building
    • Business Process
    • Team Stakeholders
  • Final Thought on Process for Virtual Leaders

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