Training Class: Working on a Virtual Team

/Training Class: Working on a Virtual Team
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Class Description

Working on a Virtual Team

This Working on a Virtual Team course is designed to provide students with the practical tips and techniques needed to communicate effectively, maximize productivity and deliver superior results when working from home or other remote work location.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Working on a Virtual Team course, students will be able to:

  • Participate effectively lead virtual meetings
  • Design an efficient and productive home office
  • Communicate virtually with their team, peers and management
  • Understand the effect of personal work motivation on their work/life balance
  • Understand the virtual challenges of both introverts and extraverts


  • One hour (two hour version available upon request)

Class Topics include:

  • Virtual Technology Best Practices
    • Synchronous communication tools
    • Asynchronous communication tools
  • Creating a Productive Home Office Environment
    • Home office location and design
    • Needed organizational support
  • Work Task Profiles
    • Processing
    • Knowledge Work
    • Informational
    • Collaboration
  • Motivation and Personality
    • Four Types of Introversion
    • Four Types of Extroversion
    • Introversion and Extroversion advice
    • Personal motivation
  • Virtual Communication Strategies
    • Don’t Just Participate, Observe
    • Communication types and effectiveness
      • Written
      • Phone
      • Video
  • Enhancing your Virtual Influence
    • Using Video
    • Be an Information Distributor
    • Be a Communication Gateway
    • Take Virtual Logistical Control
  • Health and life balance
    • Caution of a short commute
    • Take care for yourself
    • Watching your diet

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