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/Training Class: Time Management and Productivity
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Class Description

Time Management and Organizational Productivity (one day)

Time management itself should never be your goal. It should simply be a conduit for you and your organization to work more efficiently, increase product/service quality and increase productivity.

This class, based on the #1 Amazon bestselling book, ‘Productivity Driven Success’ and related TEDx Talk, will widen your perspective on time management and productivity enhancement in general. You’ll learn about the seven ‘Productivity Amplifiers’ that you can immediately use upon your return to the office, that will enhance your personal productivity, help drive organizational efficiency and help facilitate work/life balance.

Class Topics include:

  • Beware of Productivity Side Effects
  • Time management
    • Four Zones of Personal Productivity
    • Meeting Times and Circadian Rhythms
    • Management Time Versus Worker Time
    • ‘Near-Time Far-Time’ Concept
    • Department Productivity Killers
  • Department Activities During Slower Work Times
    • Constructive delegation
    • 8 Steps to Maximize Delegation Effectiveness
    • Three Parts of Every Job
    • Prioritized Delegation
    • Multitasking vs. Single-Tasking
  • Innovative Meeting Management
    • The True Cost of Meetings
    • Meeting Agendas Strategies
    • Controlling the Room
  • Communication Efficiency
    • One-on-One Live Discussions
    • Interaction Scenarios
    • Real-Time Collaboration Tools
    • Screen Sharing Tools
    • Webinar Tools
  • Email Efficiency
    • Writing Efficiency Tips
    • Email Batching
    • Organizational Best Practices
    • Organizational Policies and Measurement
  • Asset reuse
    • Conceptual Definition
    • Repurposing Process
  • Knowledge storage and transfer
    • Knowledge Creation Techniques
    • Knowledge Retention Techniques
    • Knowledge distribution Techniques

Key Take-Aways:

  • How to enhance your personal and organizational time management
  • Ways to enhance the value and efficiency of meetings and interpersonal interactions
  • Ways to create, store and distribute important corporate knowledge
  • Techniques to improve internal processes and repurpose company assets

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