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ITMLP and ITMLE Certification Training

Ensuring Top Quality IT Leadership Skills for You and Your Team

To help companies compete, drive innovation, and enhance profitability in today’s digital transformational age, technologists are being asked to step out of the comfort technology zone and become leaders, managers, and savvy businesspeople. You can and should be one of these transformative IT leaders.

Both certification programs are rigorous, down-to-earth, and most importantly, relevant to today’s IT world. They focus on the challenges that IT leaders around the globe are facing, from fostering innovation, to leading a virtual team, and managing cost centers.

Each of these certifications, and their three-day preparatory boot camps, cover topics which are taught in a high-energy, high-content, highly interactive workshop.

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ITMLPInformation Technology Management and Leadership Professional (ITMLP)

The ITMLP Certification Bootcamp  is a three-day, high-energy, high-interaction, high-content workshop containing the topics listed below, is designed for soon-to-be, new, and all other first-line IT Managers.

This workshop is not a replacement for your company’s New Manager Training classes, it’s designed to provide complementary topics specifically related to the IT management profession.  These topics are listed below.

DAY 1 – Technical Leadership

  • Life as a Technical Manager
  • Influence-Based Technical Leadership
  • Managing Hybrid and Virtual IT Teams

DAY 2 – IT Methodology and Innovation

  • Methodology Overview
  • IT Megatrends
  • Creating Innovative IT Solutions

DAY 3 – Business of IT

  • IT Funding and Cost Center Management
  • IT Vendor Management
  • IT Internal Client Service

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ITMLEInformation Technology Management and Leadership Executive (ITMLE)

The ITMLE Certification Bootcamp  is ideal for seasoned IT Managers and  IT Directors (Managers of Managers).

This three-day, fast-moving and highly interactive workshop contains topics specifically designed to prepare mid-level IT executives in large IT shops for higher levels of management responsibility and provide CIOs of smaller IT shops (30 people or less) with additional tools to help maximize their business impact.  These topics include:

DAY 1 – Knowledge, Roles, Methodology, and Change

  • Thinking Like a CIO
  • IT’s (and Your) Four Roles in the Organization
  • Living in a Waterfall, Agile, Wagile World
  • IT as an Agent of Change

DAY 2 – Process, Productivity, and Governance

  • IT Strategic Planning and Thinking
  • IT and Organizational Productivity
  • IT Governance

DAY 3 – Innovation, Staff Growth, and Negotiation

  • Fostering IT Innovation
  • IT Bench Strength and Resiliency
  • IT Project and Vendor Negotiating

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