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IT Executive Coaching and Mentoring

IT Coaching and Mentoring

While IT leadership and IT business/soft skills training are of great value to IT executives, there are times when logic dictates that one-on-one coaching and mentoring can greatly enhance an IT executive’s:

  • Short-term job performance
  • Long-term professional growth
  • Value to the organization he/she serves

When this situation arises, the ITML Institute has the credentials, background, and experience to not only coach, but also to mentor current and future IT leaders.

Our coaching process includes:

  1. Establishing specific individual and organizational goals and desired outcomes
  2. Defining measurements and success criteria for each desired outcome
  3. Designing a custom coaching program for each person begin coached, including the following activities where applicable:
    • Traditional question-based coaching discussions
    • Advice-based mentoring
    • One-on-one training selected portions of ITML training classes/materials
    • Career counseling
    • Acting as soundboard and brainstorming partner
    • Online ITML Institute proprietary assessments
    • Full access to the ITML Institute Resource Library and other resourced
  4. Post-coaching “Participant Action Plan” for continued growth

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