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Free IT Management Resources

Our mission is to enhance the management and leadership capabilities of those working within IT and of the IT function itself. While this mission includes our IT management certifications and various types of IT leadership training, it is also important to us to provide free IT management resources as a way of helping advance IT as a profession.

To that end, we would like to offer you the following free resources for your use and to share with others that may find them of value.

Our free 2021 monthly webinars, listed below, can be found at:

Certification Process

Feb 12, 2021 IT Leadership in a Work-From-Home-and-Office World
Mar 12, 2021 Effective Communication in a Virtual World
Apr 9, 2021 Delegation in a Work-From-Home-and-Office World
May 14, 2021 The “Work-From-Home-and-Office” Future IT Workplace
Jun 11. 2021 Building Your IT Professional Brand
Jul 9, 2021 5 Time Management Techniques for IT Manager and Professionals
Aug 13, 2021 Virtual and In-Person presentation Tips for IT Leaders and Professionals
Sep 10, 2021 Fostering IT Innovation
Oct 8, 2021 Constructive Delegation: Two or More Benefits from Each Action
Nov 12, 2021 Ways to Say “No”, Without Actually Saying “No”
Dec 10, 2021 12 Characteristics of Successful IT Managers

Here are a few eBooks that you may find of value.

Our blog also has content that you may find of value. 

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