Training Class: Negotiation in a Virtual Workplace

/Training Class: Negotiation in a Virtual Workplace
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Class Description

Negotiation in a Virtual World

This Negotiation in a Virtual Workplace course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, tips and tricks needed to maximize the ability to successfully negotiate, both in-person and working virtually, with others to meet desired business and career objectives.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Negotiation in a Virtual Workplace course, students will be able to:

  • Understanding and use key negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Combine negotiation concepts and virtual communication concepts to maximize negotiation effectiveness and success
  • Strategically define which negotiation approach and style to use based the players and circumstances
  • Properly prepare for upcoming negotiations
  • Defend themselves against people who use unethical negotiation tactics


  • Two hour

Class Topics include:

  • Purpose of Negotiation
    • What Is negotiation?
    • Finding your own style
  • Negotiation Approaches and Concepts
    • Win-Win, Win-Lose, Lose-Win
    • Distributive vs. Integrative negotiation
    • Interest centric
    • Competitive vs. Cooperative
  • Negotiation concepts
    • Needs vs. Wants
    • BATNA
    • ZOPA
    • Virtual implications of these approaches and concepts
  • Negotiation Preparations
    • Value of preparation
    • Ways to properly prepare for your next negotiation
    • Virtual preparation strategies and tactics
  • Negotiation Strategies
    • Ready-to-use negotiation strategies
    • Common mistakes to avoid

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