Training Class: Managing Hybrid Teams (in-office and virtual employees)

/Training Class: Managing Hybrid Teams (in-office and virtual employees)
Training Class: Managing Hybrid Teams (in-office and virtual employees) 2021-04-05T13:15:51+00:00

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Class Description

Managing Hybrid Teams (in-office and virtual employees)

COVID-19 imposed work-from-home requirements on knowledge workers of all kinds and has dramatically accelerated the trend toward a hybrid workforce. While managing full in-office or full virtual teams certainly has its challenges, managing a team containing both types dramatically magnifies the complexities of each and introduces new and challenging issues.

This class highlights the six key challenges of managing a hybrid team, strategies to overcome them, and insights on how to maximize team success.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Leading Hybrid Teams course, students will be able to:

  • Keep virtual employees connected and engaged with their in-office counterparts
  • Overcome the communication-based challenges of a mixed employee environment
  • Avoid common management mistakes when trying to coordinate in-office / at-home meetings and processes
  • Create employee parity between in-office / at-home employees regarding task assignment, training, promotional opportunities, and other related items


  • Two hours

Class Topics include:

  • Identifying and mitigating key hybrid leadership challenges
    • Culture-based challenges
    • Communication-based challenges
    • Management-based challenges
      • Pigeonholing
      • Reduced training and/or mentoring
      • Performance review bias
      • Fewer promotional opportunities
      • Compensation inconsistencies
    • Process-based challenges
    • Infrastructure-based challenges
  • Defining employee work location criteria
  • Establishing synchronous and asynchronous communication channels and usage
  • Defining in-office / at-home communication timing and expectations
  • Hybrid meeting best practices
  • Home office work requirements
  • “Hoteling” and “Hot-Desking” considerations

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