Training Class: Fostering IT Innovation and Design Thinking

/Training Class: Fostering IT Innovation and Design Thinking
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Class Description

Fostering IT Innovation and Design Thinking

This Innovation and Design Thinking course is designed to provide students with the concepts, methodologies and tools needed to enhance their ability to conceptualize and design innovative solutions.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Innovation and Design Thinking course, students will be able to:

  • Use the design thinking process to create innovative business solutions and facilitate new business opportunities
  • Use various brainstorming tools and techniques
  • Use various decision-making tools and techniques


  • One day

Class Topics include:

  • Thoughts and Vocabulary
    • What Is Innovation?
    • Drivers of Innovation
    • Goals of Innovation
    • Innovation Pipeline
    • Project Management Vs. Research and Development
    • Divergent and Convergent Thinking
    • Lateral Thinking vs Programmed Thinking
    • The Inspiration Paradox
    • Types of Innovation
    • Business Uses of Innovation
  • Expanding Your Thinking
    • Look and Learn
    • On the road
    • In the office
  • The Innovation Process
    • Engagement
    • Cultivation
    • Inspiration
    • Validation
    • Approval
    • Implementation
  • Design Thinking
    • Empathize:
      • Definition
      • Concepts
      • Tools
    • Define:
      • Definition
      • Concepts
      • Tools
    • Ideate
      • Definition
      • Concepts
      • Tools
    • Prototype Selection
      • Definition
      • Concepts
      • Tools
    • 4&5. Prototype Testing Loop
      • Definition
      • Concepts
      • Tools

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