Training Class: Managing Worldwide IT Virtual Teams

/Training Class: Managing Worldwide IT Virtual Teams
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Class Description

Managing Worldwide IT Virtual Teams

This Managing Worldwide IT Virtual Teams course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and best practices needed to successfully lead worldwide teams.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Managing Worldwide IT Virtual Teams course, students will be able to:

  • Apply the key concepts, methodologies, and techniques needed to maximize virtual team’s effectiveness
  • Design a communication process that facilitates team member connection, motivation and engagement
  • Identify location-specific needs and cross-location processes
  • Identify and adapt to cultural and country-specific business norms


  • One day

Class Topics include:

  • Virtual Team Challenges
    • Basic challenges for all virtual teams
    • Challenges magnified by
      • Time zone
      • Cultural differences
      • International context
  • Virtual Team Efficiency Assessment and Debrief
    • Your Management Style
    • Team Communication
    • Team Building
    • Business Process
    • Team Stakeholders
  • Virtual Team Profile
    • Required Team Interdependency
    • Team status and maturity
    • Composition
      • Remote clusters
      • Remote individuals
      • Remote mix of clusters and individuals
      • Offsite vendor(s)
      • Onsite/offsite vendor(s)
  • General Team Communication
    • Trust
    • Effective and cohesiveness
    • Rules of engagement
    • Cross-location expectations
    • Cross-location processes
  • Using Virtual Technologies
    • Synchronous communication tools
    • Asynchronous communication tools
  • Virtual Meeting Best Practices
  • Cultural Intelligence
    • Value of diversity in the workplace
    • Communication and Etiquette Rules
    • Local Business Ethic/Practices
    • Global Cultures
    • Cultural types and business norms
    • National Cultural Types
  • Virtual Employee Talent Management
    • Hiring
    • Delegation and Job Assignment
    • Measurement
    • Performance Reviews
    • Mentoring
    • Career Planning
    • Team building Activities

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