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Class Description

Presentation Skills

This Presentation Skills course is designed to provide students with enhanced ability to design, build and present high quality and effective presentations within the workplace. This includes topics such as project status, information sharing, project/funding approval and other business-related areas.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Presentation Skills course, students will be able to:

  • Prepare and present a high quality and effective business presentation
  • Define and enhance their presentation style and delivery
  • Use best practices in PowerPoint design, structure and format


  • One and two day options

Class Topics include:

  • Multiple opportunities to practice giving presentations, included videoed critique
  • Presentation Preparation
    • Who is in the audience
    • What your audience wants
    • Your goals from the presentation
    • What you want them to do
    • Situational understanding
    • Personal strengths and weaknesses
  • PowerPoint Presentation Design
    • Fonts
    • Graphics
    • Text
    • Automation
    • Environmental considerations
    • Picking a template
  • Building the Presentation
    • High level presentation structure
    • Introduction slide
    • Body types
    • Conclusion / Call to action
    • Back slide strategies
  • Giving Virtual Presentations
    • If new to virtual presentations
    • Things going against you
    • Ideas to help things run smoothly
    • Maximize your personal energy
  • Presentation Delivery
    • Practice, practice, Practice
    • Just before your presentation
    • When entering the room
    • Watching your audience
    • Watching yourself
    • Engaging your audience
    • Types of challenging situations
    • Questions and answers
  • Gadgets: Effective-Presenter Collection
  • Gadgets: Contingency Collection

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